Technical and Management Consulting
Technical consulting encompassing satellite and mission systems engineering, spacecraft systems design, electro-optical instruments, structural and thermal engineering and environmental testing. Management consulting encompassing project organization and functional operation, Work Package descriptions and Work Breakdown structures, risk identification and assessment, detailed schedules and cost estimation including total mission life cycle cost.
Public speaking, promotions and advocacy
Mr Buckingham is an advocate for space and environmental activities. For more than a decade he has supported the bi-annual CASI Astronautics Conferences, most recently as co-Chairman for Astro 2008 and 2010, where he also convened and led Topical Plenary sessions on a variety of topics including the economics of space. He has presented papers at US and Canadian Conferences including the annual Utah State University small satellite conference. For a presentation made at the 2009 CSS Conference in Montreal which makes recommendations for increased vitalization of Canada’s space community, see Space Presentation
Business Development
Mr Buckingham has participated in several start-ups. He offers the benefits of hands-on experience including business development, proposal creation  and management, staffing, R&D and business plans and projections.
Editing, Writing and Proposals
Mr Buckingham has led many technical proposals including (the former) Spar Aerospace’s proposal for the M-SAT communications satellite mission. He has written many technical papers and is also a published free-lance magazine author. His colleagues consider him a talented editor who can turn sometimes convoluted technical inputs into lively readable text.



Northeast offers clients the benefits of “lessons learned” over 35 years of aerospace-related projects and business initiatives. These encompass policy, business and technology and the understanding that fundamentally it’s people who make things happen and impressions DO matter.

At a personal level, Mr Buckingham enjoys working with younger people. In some  instances what seems new may not really be new and was implemented successfully (or not) decades ago. Or what may seem unique to aerospace may be a mature technology in other sectors; robotics for space compared to robotics for undersea exploration is perhaps a good example. These connections need to made when possible. That said, there are indeed some exciting new things today, for example nanotechnology. Considering the environmental changes now beginning to be noticeable on our planet, that leads to hope that intelligence and technology - including space technology and space-related activities - can make an important difference.